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Top 5 Causes of Water Leaks

1. Clogged Drains
Clogged drains are the worst, they can bring so much damage causing an overflow and burst pipes. Avoid putting foreign objects down your drains that could potentially blocked your whole system up. There is no excuse to neglect your gutters as they are an important aspect of your home. Clogged drains are annoying and convenient, if anything is blocking your drains we do recommend you call a plumber as they can cause damage to the pipes and cause water leaks. Overflows can happen in the bathroom, underground or in the walls.
2. Weak Pipe Joints
The points where the pipes are connected, can be damaged or overtime are particularly weak to damage. These weak pipe joints can lead to leaking by deterioration. If you need a guidance on when to know your pipe joints need to be looked at, listen for any unusual noises coming from your pipe line. For example, it would sound like a ticking or banging sound, it can come up more especially for hot water. These are good indicators your pipe line joints need to be replaced. Because if they’re not strong enough they be potentially expensive to fix.
3. Corrosion
As pipes age older the rust on them start to appear. Corrosion can pick away at drains and begin to create water leaks that way. The pipes will look start to change color or wrapped in some way. They most definingly needing to be replaced. This process is unfortunately natural and there is no way around rust. That’s why PVC pipes is being more common nowadays. Materials made out of metal can be potentially damaging to your home plumbing system. Only if it hasn’t been properly maintained, but how can you maintain a plumbing system when you know it’s underground. Corrosion is one of the most damaging and costly naturally occurring events seen today.
4. High Water Pressure
Excessive water running can pressure your pipes too hard. Stressing your pipes out is the last thing you want to do. Pipes are built to withstand a certain amount of pressure. Too much could be bad creating damage which is not necessary to your plumbing. High water pressure can also bring damage to pipe joints and shape the way to creating further leaks. If your pipes break, it could be really expensive to fix. Your water meter will blow up in gallons.
5. Your Yard and Roots
The most annoying problem with yards is the roots underneath. That can bring destruction to drain pipes. Tree roots tend to find their way into drain pipes and cause catastrophic damage to your line. This can not be avoided as this is natural for plants and tree roots to attract to water. Experts say to call for any tree root issues as they can get expensive to deal with. Keep an eye out for any wet spots or holes in your yard, as well as noticeable water pressure. Only this issue applies to you if you have plants or trees in your yard.