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Top 3 Signs You Know You Have A Water Leak

You hear these stories all the time but you never thought it will happen to you. We will give you a few signs to indicate you have a water leak. It can be a frightening thing, you could have a leak in your plumbing and not realize it for weeks. The leaks may be small when water pours behind the walls or under the floors, but they do a lot of damage. Besides keeping an eye on your water meter and examining your water bill each month, there are a lot more signs that can help you stay alert when it’s not expected. These signs will help you monitor for possible water leaks and possible water damage in your home.

  1. Odor of decaying wood

If you’re not aware where the leak is, it can grow the dampness may cause mold to grow in places you can’t see. Don’t rely on visible mold to alert you to a water leak because mold could be growing behind a wall or under your carpet. Just a note that the smell is a symptom and not the problem itself, but it can be a strong hint that the following issues will take place. It’s be pretty hard to find a leak if it’s not visible, don’t rely only on you’re vision but you’re senses too. The smell of the leak can become very musty, earthy smell you can find in the basement. This problem commonly arises with mold and can signal that there is water feeding it beneath the surface.

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2. Unusual noises

In your plumbing you can sometimes hear a water leak because the sound is amplified through the plumbing. You can sometimes hear the plumbing sounds in the pipes, water is leaking out. It sounds like a rushing noise or an underground burst. You might also hear a stuttering or pining when you turn on a faucet due to the air in the lines. There are two types of piping systems in your property. One delivers the water to your faucets (the water line), and the other takes away the waste(sewer drain system). To find out which where the noises if it’s related to the water line or sewer system. A constant leak or noise that doesn’t stop or slow down, is likely linked to a water line because the water line always has pressure. The best call to action is call a plumber to shut off the main water valve that send water in the house.


3. Wet areas that should be dry

Wet or sunken puddles on your front yard can sometimes become a sign of sewer line damage. It should be pretty easy to find, dig out divots of grass until you find the spot where water is welling up. The grass may be lush and greener in one spot where the water is leaking. If you have a slab leak in your house, there may be puddles in your basement or wet spots on the carpets.

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