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Plants That Can Ruin Your Plumbing: Can Cost Extra $1,000


Should you plant a tree in your front yard and which plant should I choose? Here are a few plants that you should never plant.

Camphor Laurel

These evergreen trees were introduced into Australia from Asia in 1822. They have been planted all across Queensland as a garden ornamental. These trees can be very destructive to plumbing and germinate under fences and power lines. It is a troublesome weed on farms throughout South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Not only are these trees pests when it comes to sewer lines, they are also noxious weeds, and will affect nearby plants from germinating properly nearby.

Fig Trees & Rubber Plants

The common fig tree is a deciduous, spreading, multi-trunk with smooth, grey bark that can grow up to thirty feet. The fig tree usually sets crops in the warm seasons, one in Spring and one in late Summer. If planting more than one of these make sure to space it out about twenty to thirty feet. Do not plant anywhere from three and a half meters to any sewer or connection to plumbing. Plant a fig tree preferably in the back corner of the backyard.


Poplars and populus species type plants have been planted on farms in recent decades. These plants are very diverse and can grow up to 15 – 50 meters tall. The genus populus has traditionally been divided into six sections on the basis of leaf and flower characteristics. These trees are a bit of a worry, they should not be planted near houses. They love moisture and the roots will travel long distances, especially moisture near pipes.


Also known as sallows, form of the genus Salix, around 400 species. These trees are mostly found on moist soils in cold temperature. The roots have been known to be remarkable for their toughness, size and tenacity to live. They grow fast and can expect to grow 3 – 4 feet each year. Other home owners have had bad experience with them, tell you to plant something different. These trees are messy and if close enough has the potential to break your underground plumbing.